Drake recently talked about about being the first internet rapper to go platinum. "I was this rapper with a little bit of buzz, the internet was taking over, and I didn't know the power of the internet at that point, the true power of social networking and the things we are so immersed in now," Drake said. "There wasn't an artist that had been 100% birthed from that outlet and I think to be discovered on MySpace, how I was found, and for it to somehow reach Wayne's ears...and have a record somehow go #1 off a mixtape using the internet as a tool. It was all amazing because it was all a first, I can't remember that happening in my day." Things done changed. [GlobalGrind]

Waka Flocka once again discussed making MTV's Hottest MC's list for 2010. "I thought that was a lyrical list. I thought all the lyrical rappers were supposed to be on that list," Waka explained. "But you know I'm good, as long as I make hits and money, I'm straight. When I got on that list I said, 'Oh yeah, I'm gonna sit back for two hours, watch some blog sites and see how many haters I get.'" We love to watch blog sites. [RapFix]

Cher said she felt the need to "cover up" when she met Justin Bieber at the VMA's back in September. "Someone said, 'Will you take a picture with Justin Bieber,' and I said, 'Sure', not knowing who he was," she explained. "And then this child, who came up to here [my chest], and I felt like I should cover up before I take a picture with this baby." It's about time, maybe. [TorontoSun]