The musical pairing of Drake and Jay-Z sounds like a match made in heaven, but according to the Canadian rapper, he's was a little nervous about how things would turn out. The song 'Off That' hit the net earlier this week and Drizzy hopes fans find the collaboration just as electric as with his mentor Lil Wayne. "Hopefully, Jay and Drake are as powerful as Drake and Wayne," he said in an interview. "I hope people see that union and it comes up more than once in the future."

The track, which is featured on Jay's upcoming 'Blueprint 3' album, is one of more to come between the two emcees and, for Drake, was an unforgettable experience. "Jay has been one of the most special people to me in this game," he said. "I don't think I'll ever forget the nights me and Jay had in the studio, and the things he'd tell me and just the way he embraced me. It's one of the best feelings in my life.

"Jay is one of those guys that you can say, 'I look up to this guy,' or 'I like this guy's music.' I wanted to be Jay. That's what they say about the best artists. To be a great rapper, men [have to] [want to] be you. I [want to] be myself, but for me to say, 'If I couldn't be me, I wanted to be that man'....that's huge. To have that man in my life and to be able to interact with him and talk to him and, best of all, work with him.... There's not a real sentence I can say to describe it."

Drake is also prepping another monster collaboration with Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Although details are scarce the song will be for the upcoming Lebron James documentary 'More than A Game.'