DrakeActor-turned-rapper Drake has seen his notoriety increase twofold in 2009. In September, the 22-year-old re-released his 17-track 'So Far Gone' mixtape, which initially shot him to fame in the rap game, as a purchasable, seven-song EP. For his long-awaited, full-length debut, 'Thank Me Later,' Drake hopes to provide fans with the signature style that they've grown accustomed to, but to also take them to a different place.

"You can expect the same sound, I'm still going to be telling a story," he told The BoomBox. "I've got a great story to tell now -- it's been a crazy year. I just want to make it a little bigger, a little more energy. Sonically, I want to advance. I think I've gotten better at rapping since the last one so I'm excited to share it with the world."

When it comes to his music-making ritual Drake explained that his songs start out as a freestyle in his head before making it to paper. "That's how I come up with songs, I'll sit there and rap to myself. There are people who are phenomenal at freestyling, but I'm a writer."

Drake is also preparing for the incarceration of his mentor and Young Money frontman Lil Wayne for felony gun possession. "I'm going to do everything I can," he said of holding Young Money down while Wayne is away.

'Thank Me Later,' is due in store February of 2010.