Rapper Meek Mill has the internet in a tizzy this week with his Twitter rant aimed at Drake. Now, the Toronto rap star is addressing the situation, however, if you thought he was throwing shots back at Meek, you'll be disappointed.

Amid the kerfuffle, battle rapper Hitman Holla reached out to Drizzy to show his support and posted a screenshot of their conversation on Twitter. The convo took place in a direct message on Instagram.

"I see da foolishness," wrote Hitman in a message to Drake. "You know me and Showw not buying it. You our guy. Keep killing. You motivate n----s like us." He then quoted lyrics from Drake's "5 AM in Toronto," in which the rapper talks about how money changes people.

The "Energy" rapper first responded with the praying hands emoji to give thanks to Hitman for his kind words and then he wrote, "I signed up for greatness. This comes with it."

There's no word if Drake is going to publicly address Meek's accusations that he doesn't write his own rhymes. The Young Money rhymer isn't one to bite his tongue whenever someone questions his authenticity (see the Jay Z and Jay Electronica issue).

Hitman Holla dropped one more tidbit that explains his loyalty to Drake and why all of this Twitter feuding is really unbecoming for successful rappers in the game.

True indeed.

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