Not only is rapper Drake one of the most successful members of Young Money, but he lives by his group's moniker. The 24-year-old emcee is among one of the highest paid hip-hop acts on the concert circuit, with recently released documents revealing that it costs a hefty $155,000 to book the Toronto native for a gig.

Though the paycheck may seem pretty high, he's still not at the top of his touring game. Compared to other acts, Drizzy is at the lower end of the totem pole, with Rascal Flatts leading the pack with a whopping $702,500 price tag, Kiss with a $500,000 minimum requirement and Keith Urban right nearby with $487,500 necessary to be booked. Drake bests pop tween Selena Gomez ($100,000), 'American Idol' winner Kris Allen ($12,500) and 'Nashville Star' winner Chris Young ($7,500).

Drake recently wrapped up his nationwide Light Dreams and Nightmares tour in Las Vegas. During the tour's finale, he brought out Young Money chief Lil Wayne as a surprise guest, performing 'Miss Me' off his debut 'Thank Me Later.' Drizzy recently announced that the official title for his upcoming sophomore LP is 'Take Care,' which he is currently recording in anticipation of a 2011 release.

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