Though Drake's platinum-selling debut 'Thank Me Later' just dropped in June, we may see another official album from the world's favorite Canadian MC before the end of the year.

Young Money president Mack Maine recently told MTV that it is "real possible" that Drake will release his follow-up album by Christmas.

"It makes sense," Mack said. "Like DMX and those guys [at Def Jam]. They dropped two in one year. I think 50 [Cent] did two in one year. If it wasn't a year, it was right around that time. [Drake's] hot like that. Why not? Give them what they want."

Mack Maine continued to say that Drake's work ethic is "crazy," and that he's already recorded the intro for his new record, while putting together his highly-anticipated R&B mixtape, 'It's Never Enough.'

"He's doing a mixtape right now. He called me one night, like 2 in the morning. He has the intro done for the new album. We was discussing dates where he should come back. That'll be soon. And this mixtape, he's gonna put that out quick. His formula is crazy. He works fast. I can't give the secret away to the formula. He's a musical genius. The way he and [producer] 40 put things together is crazy."

As previously reported, 'It's Never Enough' will be released in the near future.