Visiting London during the U.K. leg of his Club Paradise tour, Drake showcased a surprising talent for mimicry in an interview with radio BBC radio personality Tim Westwood, imitating his Young Money boss Lil Wayne.

While sitting down with Westwood, the Toronto MC revealed his unexpected gift (though we knew he had a penchant for acting), explaining that he is known for his impressions, amongst his circle of friends.

"Impersonations are my thing amongst my friends," Drizzy explained. "I'm a good mimic. You wanna interview Wayne? Go 'head."

Sliding easily into Lil Wayne's signature drawl and cackle, Drake continued to answer questions about skateboarding and Weezy's new Trukfit clothing line, as well as his favorite sports teams (the Packers and Lakers), before gleefully breaking character, as he described his signature move.

"You always have to get how he goes from happy to serious within like .5 seconds, so he'll be like 'Ha ha, yeah shout out to Kobe,'" Drake said with a laugh, then dropped his voice, somberly. "'But yeah, you know that's my dog, um...' That's classic Wayne, but that's my brother, you know I do it all in good fun. That's my idol man, so I know everything."

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