Continuing the path he forged with the brooding 'Dreams Money Can Buy,' Drake has leaked another Noah "40" Shebib-produced emo-burner from his forthcoming album, 'Take Care.'

Posting the track on his blog, the Young Money rapper revealed that his new album will be out on Oct. 24, and was careful, once again, to point out that the plaintive 'Marvin's Room' -- a reference to the Leo flick? -- is not his lead single, which is due in July.

"Another piece of the story," wrote Drizzy. "Single coming in July. 'Take Care' coming Oct. 24th."

'Marvin's Room' finds an introspective Drake drunk dialing an ex-girlfriend after a night out and too many "cups of the Rosé," begging for a shoulder to "put this weight on," and, typically, throwing in an underhanded "F--- that n---- that you love so bad/ I know you still think about the times we had."

Rambling over the muted, Amiina-sounding production, Drake spouts drunken non-sequiturs and confessions, crooning, "I got some women that's livin' off me/ Pay for their flights and hotels, I'm ashamed," before concluding, randomly, "My white friend said you n----s crazy, I hope no one heard that/ Because if they did, we gon' be in some trouble ... we gon' be in some trouble."

While 'Marvin's Room' may be a bit emo-depressive for fans of the 'So Far Gone'-era Drake, it presents a far more honest portrayal of the rapper as an artist, "having a hard time adjusting to fame."

Drake's sophomore album, 'Take Care,' hits shelves on Oct. 24.

Listen to Drake's 'Marvin's Room'