Drake is a smooth character. His lyrics showcase this -- just take a listen to the title track on his sophomore LP, 'Take Care,' where he serves lines to the woman he desires with, "I'll be there for you, I will care for you, I keep thanking you, you just don't know." Besides the slick verses he drops on his songs, the 25-year-old Toronto native has an equally smart way of dressing the part of a rapper with a sensitive side.

Young Money's lauded MC has never been one to look like a ragamuffin. Yes, he allows his beard to grow out from time to time, but his threads are always up to par. When eyes dart in his direction, it's a must. Some rap fans may snub him for his emotional way with words on his new album and even moreso because of the sweaters he dons -- graphic T-shirts are left to Lil Wayne -- but there's a slew of hip-hop supporters that embrace his move from rugged toward refined. The BoomBox takes a look at 15 of Drizzy's style choices, fuzzy sweaters included.

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