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Celebrating whatever someone celebrates in Charlotte, N.C., Drake rolled up to a strip club recently, with $50,000 in cardboard boxes, and made it monsoon. When you started from the bottom you get to do things like that. [TMZ]

In typically random fashion, Gucci Mane changed his name to "Guwop" earlier today on Twitter, then changed it back within the hour. "I am officially NOT changing my name to Guwop it will officially stay Gucci Mane due to my Fans' response," he tweeted. Guess management wasn't feeling it. [Twitter]

Apparently Nicki Minaj wants to be taken seriously. To that end, she's fired her hairdresser and stylist. Might also want to fire the last four years of her career, her songs with David Guetta and the majority of her last album, while she's at it. [NME]

CeeLo Greenhas launched a fabulous Las Vegas residency, CeeLoGreen is Loberace, which opened at Planet Hollywood this past weekend. Click the link, the picture says it better than we ever could. Also, the name Loberace. Wow. [LasVegasSun]

Check out this new documentary Mongolian Bling, which should tell you everything you need to know about the increasingly popular Mongolian hip-hop scene. Crazy world. [NYT]