Drake caught some heat with the Jamaican tourism board back in May when the video for his single 'Find Your Love' was released, and, according to Jamaican officials, portrayed the country in a violent and negative light. The video was filmed last April and featured Jamaica's own Mavado. Despite the negative feedback, Drake has gone on to donate $25,000 for a learning center being helmed by Mavado in his hometown of Cassava Piece, Jamaica.

Tentativly titled "Drake and Mavado Peace Center" the facility will be complete with a computer lab and library. "Basically Mavado and Drake shot some scenes in Cassava Piece and struck up an immediate rapport with the people there," Mavado's manager told The Jamaica Star. "He thought they showed him a lot of love and he was very down to earth with them and wanted to do something positive."

The center will be free to the public, but still has a way to go as far as funding. Still, Movado notes: "We're grateful for his contribution, it's a great gesture, he is not even a Jamaican, so for him to do dis and help build a foundation of knowledge and learning in our community is, yuh nuh, appreciated. Odda successful Jamaicans should tek a leaf out of Drake's book and gi back to di communities from weh dem born and grow."