MTV has teamed up with the filmmakers behind the Jay-Z farewell documentary 'Fade to Black' to give the royal treatment to Drake. Entitled 'Drake: Better Than Good Enough,' the new hour-long feature will air June 23 at 10PM. We went over to MTV headquarters for a preview of some key scenes and it's safe to say that the effort will be of interest to fans and non-fans alike.

The documentary splits between live and backstage footage, following Drake throughout the recording and touring process surrounding the release of 'Thank Me Later.' The first scene we previewed found Drake on his tour bus talking about the level of exhaustion that accompanies coming up in the game. He credits his mother's support and love for the power to get through such a grueling, nonstop schedule. You see Drake preparing for shows, getting a haircut, taking lessons from his voice coach and working his way through some crucial moments in the studio making his new album.

One of the more humorous scenes features Drake and his right-hand producer 40 talking about the rapper's dependence on the Blackberry. "I can't write my raps on paper," the singer remarks as 40 tells a story about always having backup devices so that Drake still has something to write with if he misplaces his phone.

Another scene deals with Drake's recent trip to the United Kingdom to perform with Jay-Z. The always-moving artist, fresh off his set a day earlier at Hot 97's SummerJam, comments that he's finally getting used to rocking large crowds but continually is in awe of the experience. He knows he will fall out of favor at some point but wants to enjoy his time near the top as much as possible.

Drake fan or not, it's an interesting story. It's rare to get this sort of access for a much-hyped artist through the entire process of recording and releasing a debut album. As his crowds grow larger and larger (and word is that some footage from the recent Drake Riot of 2010 will make the cut), 'Better Than Good Enough' should provide a unique view into how it all got started.

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