In the first part of Drake's CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson, the Toronto rapper reflects on the differences between his new album ('Nothing Was The Same') and his previous record ('Take Care'), blurring the lines of R&B and rap, Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' verse and much more.

The 24-minute clip is the definition of a must-watch for Drizzy fans who have wanted to know everything he personally thinks about his latest release and rap music in general right now.

The Toronto native reflects on how he is trying to not only balance his melodic side and his rapper side but he's continuously blurring those aspects of his approach. And he comments on that fact with a hilarious note: "If you think I sing too much now, just wait 'til I'm 33 ... and I'm like at the MGM Grand every night and you can come see me with the suit and the super-tan on the keys."

Of course, they talk about Lamar's calling-out-names moment on Big Sean's 'Control' and Drake had some interesting thoughts to share on the verse that shook hip-hop this past summer.

"Are you listening to it now?" Drake asks the crowd. "It was real cool for a couple of weeks but like if I asked you for example, 'How does that verse start?'" Drake then says that he didn't feel any kind of way about the verse and how when they saw each other five days later at the MTV VMAs, it was all love.

Be sure to watch the interview above. The second and third portions of their talk hits the web tomorrow (Sept. 26) and Friday (Sept. 27).