Drake is still feeling charged up. The Toronto rapper proved to the world that he isn't walking away from his beef with Meek Mill just yet during the 6th annual OVO Fest in his hometown on Monday night (Aug. 3).

Instead of taking aim at the Philadelphia MC through another diss track, Drizzy decided to annihilate him in meme form first on the final day of the music festival. As a visual aid, Drake used the very same memes that were the highlight of social media last week after Meek also released his underwhelming diss, "Wanna Know." The OVO leader kicked off his set with the diss record "Charged Up" and moved into the "Back to Back" freestyle as hilarious images of Meek graced the big screen behind him.

"Shout out to all boss bitches wifing n----s," read one meme with a photo of Nicki Minaj superimposed on a groom's body while the Dreams Worth More Than Money creator appeared as the bride.

Another image showcased a Meek-inspired character from The Simpsons writing, "I will never ever disrespect the 6 God," on a chalkboard, mimicking Bart Simpsons' famous classroom ritual in the cartoon series' opening credits.

Besides Meek showing up in memes, Drake also seems to have let loose a new verse taking even more shots at his enemy in this rap beef. "Dealing with these n----s man it take a lot / Been sayin' f--- a chaser when we takin' shots / Look man, I said, 'You don't want that three-peat,'" he rapped during his set. Could this be the third round of ammunition Drizzy is preparing to fire off at the Dreamchasers founder? We'll just have to wait to find out.

In the meantime, watch Drake add fuel to the fire by highlighting every Meek Mill meme-worthy moment and see the LOL-inducing shirt he wore to OVO Fest rehearsals earlier in the day below.

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