Drake went into Christmas in good spirits. He was called a
"rap god" by the self-proclaimed god himself,
Kanye West, and received word he'll host and perform on
'Saturday Night Live' on Jan. 18, 2014, which is an opportunity he showed appreciation for on Twitter:

All of this apparently put Drake in a good enough mood to poke fun at himself. The Toronto star posted some memes on his Instagram account over the holiday, using photos of himself and presumably some relatives. This is definitely a different side of the rapper, compared to the mood he was in last year when he was upset at Macy's and Walgreens for using the "
YOLO" motto he popularized without his permission. Humor wasn't the only present Drake will be giving to fans for the holidays. On Christmas Eve, journalist Elliott Wilson wrote to Drake via Twitter, asking him about when the song 'Trophies' would be released -- the epic Hit-Boy instrumental was heard in the 'Nothing Was the Same'
trailer earlier this year. The MC says it's coming soon.

Take a look at Drake's holiday fun below.