Lately, Canadian rapper Drake seems invincible. After a bidding war between virtually every major label, Drake received an unbelievably favorable deal with Universal Republic and seemed poised to take over the airwaves for the foreseeable future.

With his star so clearly on the rise, Drake hasn't held his tongue, calling out industry executives who passed on him when he was an unknown, namely Motown president Sylvia Rhone. On Drake's mixtape 'So Far Gone,' he rhymed "I've always been something that these labels can't buy / especially if they trying to take a piece of my soul / and Sylvia be telling 'Tez, 'Damn, Drake fly' / and he just be like, 'Silly motherf---er, I know"But what started as a notable line on a mixtape has turned into an issue for the young mc. Though he recently stated in an interview that he doesn't "f--- with Motown. At all," claiming to have signed with Universal Republic to avoid further dealings with Rhone, it has become clear that the label will have the final word, regardless of how good his deal appears from outside perspective.

Billboard reported that Universal Motown executives had demanded that all of Drake's future material feature the Motown logo. Drake broke down the situation to MTV, though he avoided making any clear accusations.

"There's a lot of people with schedules beyond the average person's comprehension," the Young Money artist explained. "And at times they prioritize. And a new artist that has made this long journey [to meet] from another country, they may not be their biggest priority, so they may get pushed to the side.

"The situation, I don't want to get into too many details. It was basically [me] feeling trapped. I was courted by somebody and then they just axed everything. I was stuck. They disappeared. And I couldn't find anybody to talk to about the situation. And then to meet again a year later and to have this person forget they ever met me and say that I should go meet at their office so we can talk about signing me. I was kind of in one of those moments like, For real? [But] everybody has those moments where things aren't gonna go perfect."

Drake went so far as to offer a public apology to Rhone, saying "I can definitely say for me, for furthering the negativity, I can definitely say I apologize...I don't know her personally to discredit her character. It's not the right thing to do..." You've got to play the game to win, and it looks Drake is learning just that. "I was looking for an opportunity recently to apologize for how vicious I've been," he concluded. "Not to say I negate my feelings -- I still feel strongly about it. But I'm a person that usually handles things with much more tact."

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