Drake may be the latest MC to find himself facing criminal charges, after a fan made claims that he and his bodyguard punched him in the mouth.

Jeremis Soriano says that his female friend approached the squeaky clean Young Money rapper after a recent show in Florida, but was rudely shoved out of the way. Soriano then allegedly came to her aid, cursing at Drake, and was punched in the face by the rapper's security, leaving him with a split lip which required six stitches.

"Before I got to say his name, [the bodyguard] hit me in the mouth and I fell back," Soriano told local Jacksonville news channel ABC Action News. Soriano's female friend supports his story, claiming that the assault was unprovoked, and that Drake also gave her the finger.

"He never put his hands on Drake. He never made a fist toward the security guard for them to hit him that hard," she said, adding that she no longer considers herself a fan of the 'Fancy' rapper as a result. "He flicked me off in my face and he was like 'F you, you're nothing!," the female fan revealed. "I don't even want to hear his songs on the radio."

Soriano said that, while he does intend to sue, he's only expecting enough money to cover his medical bills. "[We] are the same people that are buying your CDs. You shouldn't treat us like that," he concluded. "They're [celebrities} just regular people with a little bit more money than us. "

Though Drake has yet to comment on the alleged assault, the Jacksonville, Fla. Sherriff's department is currently investigating the incident.

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