Following his inaugural performance at the MTV VMAs earlier this month, Drake has signed on to help MTV kick-off it's new daily program 'The Seven' with an in-studio appearance on the show's debut episode.

The Young Money rapper will join Justin Timberlake and additional members of 'The Social Network' cast in MTV's Time Square studios for the official premiere on Monday. The half-hour show will showcase the seven most popular gossip news stories of the day and will feature a variety guest appearances.

"MTV has played a pivotal part in my career from the beginning and I look forward to being a part of 'The Seven' from the start," Drake said in a statement. 'The Seven' will premiere on September 27 at 5PM on MTV.

Drake is currently gearing up to release his new R&B mixtape, 'It's Never Enough.' The project has no official release date, but according to Drizzy, it will drop before the end of the year. The mixtape will feature all new music, including the new track 'I Get Lonely Too.'

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