Drizzy Drake is fighting back against the many rumors about him in the blogoshpere including a recent story questioning his sexuality. The 22-year-old took to his blog to inadvertently address the issue. "People often ask me the craziest part about becoming famous and I've never had an answer until yesterday," he wrote. "You'll spend half of your time defending yourself and the other half trying to stay sane resulting in you being forced to find time to be creative."

While we'd definitely never buy into such rumors, other blogs have been circulating stories of the rapper's alleged homosexuality, even going so far as to post pictures of Drake dinning with friends as proof. One photo shows Drake at a dinner table, pushing a male's head downward toward his lap.

"I often wonder in a time where new artists exist in a impersonal cyber world of instantaneous information, if we will ever have another rap legend that can manage to maintain the image that our idols had prior to this method of promotion," he continued. "I am not suggesting that this person should be me, I am just urging a generation to understand that in order to have anyone of any significance in our lives that we can look up to there will be things that we must look past. There are people that buy sell and trade evil on a daily basis...when u believe in their brand is when they win."

The rapper ends his post with the line "Even Photoshop couldn't change me," which is from his verse in the 'Digital Girl' remix.

Aside from the gossip, Drake's career is still marching full speed ahead. He recently recorded a track for Jay-Z upcoming 'Blueprint 3' album and is readying his debut release later this year.