Soda giant Coca-Cola has enlisted the talents of Los Angeles-based designer Darren Romanelli (aka Dr. Romanelli or DRx) to reconstruct the classic retro Coke clothing line for a new capsule collection. Dr. Romanelli is famous for customizing popular clothing brands.

For Coca-Cola, DRx referenced throwback Coca-Cola clothing items that are found at flea markets and on Ebay if you dig a little bit.

The 200-piece collection boasts one-of-a-kind trucker jackets, tie-dye T-shirts, hoodies, denim vests, leather jackets and more. There’s also Coke workwear uniforms of deliveryman jackets and factory-worker button-ups that still have the employee’s names stitched on the garment.

“Coca-Cola, as a brand, exudes such a positive aura -- something that has resonated personally with me ever since Coke’s role as a title sponsor at the ’84 Olympics in LA," said Romanelli in a statement. "To have the opportunity to bring my own energy to that aura, and to explore new paths within the brand’s historic design labyrinth, is absolutely a dream come true. It’s equal parts retrospection and innovation."

The "Coca-Cola by DRx" is available now at select retailers, including Open Ceremony in New York, Juice in Hong Kong, Fruition in Las Vegas, Colette in Paris and United Arrows in Tokyo.

The trucker jackets, vests and other outerwear are priced between $450-$1,650, while the T-shirts range from $35-$50.

To take a look at the full collection, click here and here.

Peep some of the clothing items below: