Dr. Dre will be gracing the cover of the next issue of XXL, in which he reveals that J. Cole is his favorite new artist. "Just recently, actually, I've heard some really good artists," Dre said. "I'm a fan of J. Cole. I like Don Trip. Those two I was actually in this studio working with recently, and I really like their vibe. Especially J. Cole. I think that kid has a serious future ahead of him. He's articulate. The way he speaks is -- he's got it. All he needs is the record now." Word? That's a pretty crazy endorsement. [XXL]

Ronnie from MTV's 'Jersey Shore' broke the story of his first sexual encounter, which took place in a Toyota Camry in the Bronx, on the latest episode of 'When I Was 17.' "It just happened randomly. [I was] hanging out on the corner with my friend and some girl walks up to him and she's like, 'Your friend's hot. I wanna hook up.' We went to go find a nice quiet spot...literally down the block...I just pretty much did the head tuck. You tuck your head in between her head and her shoulders and you just like 1, 2, 3, 4. Like three pumps ... and you're done," he said. "It's awesome." Totally. [MTV]