Dr. Dre has one up on Jay Z. The super producer beat the lauded MC on Forbes’ wealthiest hip-hop artist list this year, but Dre isn't too caught up on numbers -- although he stands at $550 million while Hov is at $520 million.

As Dre was stopped on the street in Los Angeles, TMZ asked him about the ranking, which he admits he doesn't focus on and has no interest in keeping track of which rap stars are rich or not.

"I don't really care about any of that," Dre shared. "Jay Z is my guy, man. I love him to death."

Of course the two hip-hop heavyweights worked together in the past, and Hov even allegedly penned a few songs for the doctor, including his 1999 smash 'Still D.R.E.,' which still has one of the dopest piano riffs to date.

The Compton native also gave his opinion on purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers in light of Donald Sterling's NBA ban.

"Absolutely. [I'm] thinking about it," he revealed about putting money down on the team.

And hopefully either he or some other hip-hop personality will buy the team, because that's the kind of shift in ownership the NBA needs.