The Dallas home of rapper Dorrough was raided by the DEA on Tuesday morning, resulting in his arrest. The 24-year-old was taken into custody under suspected drug trafficking charges.

According to, 10 agents kicked in the rapper's door. "Dorrough has obtained powerful counsel and one of his attorneys is a Senator," a source told the website. "Dorrough will make a formal statement with plans to clear his name later this week." The source also noted that neither drugs nor weapons were found on the premises.

Although the rapper has yet to release an official statement on the matter, a recent post on his Twitter page may reveal that he has already been released. "My day started off f---ed up... Which means today will be a great day!" he wrote on Tuesday afternoon.

Born Dorwin Demarcus Dorrough, the Dallas native is best known for his singles 'Ice Cream Paint Job' and 'Get Big.' The BoomBox spoke with the Dallas native last year, who revealed that his musical career was successfully launched due to the training he received as a student at Houston's Prairie View A&M University. "Education was everything," he said. "I majored in business marketing. The marketing tools that I learned, is what I used to market myself as an artist. I basically made myself, and my name a business. With that being said, education plays [a part] in almost everything that I'm doing right now. I blew up in the college market and really made stuff happen because I went to school."

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