Donald Glover, had a big night at the 2017 Emmy Awards, taking home awards for his hit series AtlantaBut backstage after the show, Glover was asked about his music career. The rapper said he didn't want to be forced to drop new music but said his mixtape collaboration with Chance the Rapper may come soon.

"I feel like if I don't make a Chance the Rapper mixtape -- like double mixtape -- a bunch of 14 year olds are gonna kick my ass," Glover joked. "They stop me on the street and it's kinda scary."

A collaboration project between the two was first teased in 2014 when Glover tweeted about finishing an EP. "Now that chance finally released his verse on 'worst guys', maybe he can hurry up and finish the rest of our EP. #hinthint," he tweeted.

And earlier this year, the "Redbone" singer said the two had spent time working on the record.

"We definitely met up," Glover told radio station 92.3. "I don't know if I'll see him again now that he's won a Grammy. We'll see what happens. We actually sat down in the studio and were talking for a little bit. I mean we're both busy but when he has like a moment we've just been sitting down and just working together. I think it's about catching a vibe."

Check out Donald Glover discussing the mixtape below.

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