DMX has been known to say some outrageous things in the past, but at a recent concert in Philadelphia, he had to remind his fans that he’s never been on his knees.

Over the weekend, at a concert in Philly, the former Ruff Ryders rapper delivered a motivational sermon to the crowd. It was at that moment he revealed to concertgoers that “I've never sucked a d--- in my life.”

“I’m up here to tell ya the truth. The truth can be a blessing even it’s something bad to you, if you take the truth and make it into something that’s better from what you are," he continued.

Philly rap vet Gillie Da Kid captured the priceless moment and, much like us, was taken aback by X’s onstage confession.

DMX has been accused of many things in the past but we haven't heard any reports of him engaging in man-to-man action. We can only guess that he wanted to get that piece of information off his chest.

Recently, DMX made his first post on Instagram by sharing a video prayer to Kanye West that was deeply moving. “I want to give a special shout out to Kanye, let him know that my prayers are with him, my families prayers are with him," he said. "And I wanted to remind him,when god is for you, who can be against you. No one and nothing. Stand strong brother, stand strong. God is in your corner.”

Watch DMX's confession above and make a mental note of it.

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