Legendary hip-hop pioneer DMC partnered with with New York computer store Tekserve for his new video, which compares today's technology to the machines from the old school.

In a blog posted on Tekserve's website, DMC writes that the song 'I Got More Songs Than You Do' was produced by fellow rap legend Freddie Foxx, as a tribute to the boombox -- a hip-hop artifact we share a certain affinity for.

"Remember back in the day how we used to walk around with these four speaker monstrosities?" DMC recalls Foxx asking. "That was the boombox, but we also used to have these cassette tape carriers – maybe some of you know what I'm talking about – and we used to put 20 to 50 tapes in there just so we didn't have to depend on radio. Even back when radio was good, we wanted to play our own music and invented playlists long before anyone ever thought of anything like an iPod."

DMC goes on to explain that the iPod is the new boombox. "Freddie made me realize that, when you think about it, the iPod's just a technological innovation to do exactly the same thing. It's the boombox of today. That's what my new single, 'I Got More Songs Than You Do,' is partly about. But it's about something else too." To that end, the Run-DMC founder decided to shoot the video to 'I Got More Songs Than You Do' at Tekserve, a place he described as a haven for the future of music.

"I worked with Tekserve on the video not just because they're the obvious place to go for a song about iPods," he said, "but because the crew there understand that iPods and all the new technology coming out these days is about more than songs and playlists: it's about empowering people to create their own world, make their own music, shoot their own videos, and control their own futures."

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