We may never get the chance to see Run-DMC perform together again, but that doesn't mean we won't get to see one of the group's members hit the stage from time to time, especially when it's for a good cause.

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels took over Midtown Manhattan's Howl at the Moon entertainment venue to help the Bryan Jacobson Foundation - a non-profit organization whose mission is to "provide charitable support to organizations that set out to inspire, nurture, and promote the betterment of the human spirit" - raise money for The Friends of Children, New York. While the three hour event kicked off with New York radio station Z100 personality Skeery Jones hosting the show and Band 4 Bry, a band started in honor of the late Bryan Jacobson, it was DMC who stole the show when his DJ dropped the beat to the Run-DMC classic song, "Here We Go."

Approximately 300-plus people gathered to reminisce upon music favorites with the hip-hop OG while raising money and relishing in charitable vibes. As business professionals and friends and family of Bryan Jacobson indulged in the liquid benefits of small, red drink tickets, DMC went on to perform a 45-minute set, which included solo singles and Run-DMC hits including "It's Tricky," "Just Like Me," which originally features Sarah McLachlan, and so many more.

Before busting out his crew's classic "Mary, "Mary" track, the 52-year-old hip-hop icon took a moment to speak to the crowd and include them in one of his favorite tour moments.

"I don't have a reality show. You don't see me on TMZ," he said. "I'm not in the news [like that]." He continued by sharing the story of stalker he, Rev Run and Jam Master Jay encountered on the road in 1986. Eventually, the Queens native confronted the woman and told her that while he appreciated her excitement for the group, her presence was starting to "creep Rev and Jay out."

After he finished the story, DMC went into the crowd to make sure the group's stalker hadn't magically appeared. Moments later, he - and partygoers were singing "Mary, Mary / Why you buggin?"

Before DMC said "that's a wrap," he knew he couldn't leave the stage without giving people a live-band performance of "Walk This Way." And that he did - with the help of Band 4 Bry.

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