DJ Vlad was on Shade 45's Lip Service radio show Monday night, and finally responded about the beating he received by Rick Ross and his goons back in August at the Ozone Awards.

"There was a certain degree of [embarrassment]. But at the end of the day we all human, and it could happen to anyone." Vlad said. "I go harder now...I don't give a f---, and that's my word. When you go through something, you're either gonna run and hide and leave the business altogether, or you go that much harder. And I go that much harder now."

The violence apparently occurred in response to Vlad's interview with the Clipse about Ross' past as a Corrections Officer, a fact that he had vehemently denied at the time. Vlad did not comment as to the status of the $4 million lawsuit he filed against Ross, following the attack.

Check out the clip here:

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