Tweny-six-year-old ATL rapper, DJ Unk was rushed to the hospital on Saturday (Aug 29), after he complained about having trouble breathing. Doctors determined that Unk, real name Anthony Platt, had suffered from a mild heart attack and the rapper was treated and released from the hospital.

As Unk left the emergency room, he informed fans via Twitter that he was in good shape and "still walkn it out," but that the incident had been a wake up call and had given him immediate motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle. "Never and don't wanna go threw that again," he wrote. "Got to change my diet and slow down! Scared the s--- out of my family and friends luv life."

Unk immediately brushed off rumors that his heart attack was triggered by drug use, blaming it entirely on a bad diet, but still he promised to cut back on everything. "No more Kush, Purp, Piff, Haze, Sour desiel for me! No more drinks! Got to do this for my health," he wrote. After his jarring experience, the rapper/DJ continued to post several Twitter updates maintaining his dedication to changing his lifestyle, even probing fans for advice on fruits, vitamins and colon cleansers. "No more hot wings, no fried food, no more seafood! Dam what must I eat?(air) and (water) lol .. What's sum good heathy food anybody?" he wrote.

Unk, who made his big break with the 2006 hit single 'Walk It Out,' admitted that after being released from the hospital his strength was only at 45 percent, but still, he kept plans to perform at an upcoming show in Germany this Thursday.

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