"Walk it Out" rapper DJ Unk talked recently about being a "one hit wonder." "For people to say that "Walk It Out" was bulls--t, or "Two Step" was some bulls--t... kill yourself. Every household all over the world; I changed a lot of people's lives through my music. As far as kids, parents, grandmothers, everybody. I gave them a chance to be together as a family. Just like Rev. Run says, "Take back your family." That's what those songs are... togetherness." If he said it, it's true. [XXL]

In an interview with CNN, former Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Slash discussed the rumor that he played on Michael Jackson's hit "Black or White." "I never played on [Black or White'],' Slash explained. "If you listen to [the hook], that's gay. I'd never play that." [Spinner]

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