Lil Boosie spoke out on the unjust treatment he's received at the hands of police. "Everywhere I go they pulling me over, they hacking me up. About a year ago they came in my house for nothing, just kicked the door, shot bombs in the house. I got kids in my house and everything. Who the h--- give you permission to shoot bombs in the house?" Uh...bombs? [TeamYee]

Raekwon recently spoke about attempting to sneak a gun into the Source Awards during their beef with Biggie. "That's how deep I was into whatever I was into, like 'Yo, we gonna wrap the arm up on some fake cast s---, I'm a put the nine in it and twirl it up, and make it look like I'm comin' in the joint with a fake broken arm- but really we got that thing on it!' But we never did it though. I got talked out of it. I was young and dumb." That cast might have seemed a bit suspicious, but we're still gonna avoid p------ off the Chef, if we can help it. [Youtube]

"Got to pick up my medicine at 10am..No more Kush, Purp, Piff, Haze, Sour desiel for me! No more drinks! Got to do this for my health!" tweeted DJ Unk, a rapper from Atlanta who recently survived a heart attack at the age of 26. You know you smoke too much when you've got to name the various different strains of weed you're planning to quit individually. [Twitter]

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