James Brown may be the Godfather of Soul, but he's also one of the backbones of hip-hop. Just think of all of the countless records featuring a sample of Brown's work and you'll realize how important the legendary singer was to the foundation of hip-hop.

In honor of the great James Brown, DJ Scratch, along with the help of J. Period, has put together a new mix highlighting his influence. 'The Big Payback Volume 1' provides just a glimpse at how deeply Brown is engrained in the music and culture.

"James Brown's music is literally the soundtrack of my life. My grandmother exposed me to James Brown 45 years ago (1 Years Old)," says DJ Scratch. "Who would have ever thought that James Brown's music would later be the pillar of a new genre of music called hip hop; who would have ever thought I would be a part of history of this new genre of music. It's all because of my love and passion for James Brown's music."

Take a trip through James Brown's discography with DJ Scratch's mix below.

Listen to DJ Scratch's 'The Big Payback'