EPMD stands for Erick and Parish Making Dollars, but a vital member of the group says they haven't been sharing the dollars with him. Longtime member DJ Scratch ushering in the new year slamming the iconic rap duo for not paying him properly.

DJ Scratch went on his Instagram page on Jan. 1 to inform his fans that he’s no longer DJing for EPMD.

"A year ago tonight was the last show I did with my former group. I was tired of the lies, the money stealing & the sneaking around doing shows without me to keep more bread in their pockets meanwhile RUINING the brand!!" he wrote.

"So here's my 2016 Wrap Up: Rite after I left the group I upgraded & relaunched ScratchVision.com, went on a world tour of my own. Then was the opening act for Beyonce's tour. Signed a endorsement deal with Monster Energy, then went on the Monster Energy tour (Still on tour). Launched my own App, then I was knighted a Grandmaster by Kool Herc. Then did the scratches on the album of the year (A Tribe Called Quest) & to top it all off I am now the special guest tour DJ with ATCQ," he continued. "I left a group who couldn't afford to pay one DJ & joined a group who can afford to pay 2 DJ's. So for now on I'll stick with the group that makes $100,000 minimum per show instead of the group that makes $6,000 maximum per show."


DJ Scratch (or Grandmaster Scratch) would later explain to HipHopDX why he posted his acerbic missive.

“There was so much more than just the EPMD stuff,” he said. “But the reason I said what I said is to keep my reputation strong with promoters who constantly hit my phone upset that I wasn’t at various EPMD shows. So this way, no one will be confused as to what my standing with the group is because there isn’t one.”

Scratch maintains that there won't be any back-and-forth beef with him and EPMD because everything he has stated is the absolute truth. In the end, the veteran DJ is pursuing bigger and better opportunities in 2017.

"For 2017 remove the toxic energy out of your life & watch how many blessings you'll receive," he wrote on his IG page. "Happy New Year!!! Never get bitter, just get better!! They thought they buried me, but they forgot I was a seed!!!"

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