Though Gang Starr producer DJ Premier has been noticeably tight-lipped regarding his former rap partner Guru's recent death, the revered DJ discussed the situation on his radio show, revealing that he visited Guru just two days before he died.

During his show on Sirius XM's Hip-Hop Nation, Preme explained that he was able to visit Guru in the hospital, despite Guru's controversial "partner" Solar's strict rules of visitation, which banned Premier and several other family members.

Premier's visit marked the first time the two had physically been in the same room since 2003, when the two had a serious falling out, following the release of their sixth album, 'The Ownerz.'

"When I saw Guru it really f---ed me up," Premier said during his show. "I wore a Gang Starr shirt first of all; just for the energy and so he knew that that's forever with us ... And that includes everyone that came before me; I know every one of them."

Premier, who first linked with Guru back in 1989, said that he doubts the authenticity of statements attributed to Guru, while he was likely still comatose after suffering a heart attack back in February. The statements specifically attacked Premier, while promoting the interests of Guru's controversial partner, Solar.

"From what I was hearing -- him waking up, and writing and tweeting ... there's no way! There's no way! We saw him, he looked so gone!" Preme explained.

He also criticized Solar's stewardship, claiming Guru was unkept and hardly appeared looked after, when he finally was able to visit. "If you love him, and you're care of him, why in the f--- did his nails look longer than a f---ing ruler? [And he had a] clump afro. I've taken care of people in the hospital. You can wash their head, you can clean their nails up, clean their feet. His feet were swollen, and his toenails were really disgusting. So because of that, it really f---ed me up."

Finally, in a touching tribute to his former partner, Premier described his final gesture to Guru, as he lay unconscious, just two days before his death.

"I took the logo off my shirt, and rubbed it against his whole body ... and I told him a message from me about how much I loved him, and we were for life, and we are still for life. And then I kissed him on the face to let him know that I was gonna miss him, because it seemed like he was already gone. All the tubes and respirators, I witnessed that."