DJ Khaled has a reputation for bringing together top-flight talent, and on his new single "Take It to the Head," the Cash Money signee does just that. Set to appear on Khaled's upcoming Kiss the Ring album, the freshly dropped jam features a hook by Chris Brown and verses from Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, who once again proves why he's the best closer in the game.

Rozay goes first, boasting about his money and -- oddly enough -- nurturing way with women. Up next, Nicki talks about jetting to France and hanging out on the beach, "eatin' Italian." She ends by talking up the Cash Money enterprise, declaring, "Competition, I don't see any."

Weezy slays from the start of his verse, spitting, "Reputation for tastin'/ I'm killin' 'em hoes like Jason." The song's titular chorus can be taken any number of ways, but Wayne's final lines leave little doubt about how he interprets the phrase.

"And she kiss me on my neck, and she kiss me on my chest," he raps. "And then she..."

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