DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has released his new single, "No New Friends," featuring Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

And if anticipation for his forthcoming LP Suffering From Success seemed to be lukewarm thus far, it may heat up now. Because this joint is pretty crazy.

Or is it?

To some degree it sounds like DJ Khaled has been releasing the same song year after year. Swap out Drake and add Chris Brown and you've got last summer's "Take It To The Head."

Then again, that song was rather enjoyable. So why not just keep remaking it, right? Who says you've got to reinvent the wheel. Last we checked, the wheel worked pretty nicely.

But whatever. Check out "No New Friends" and let us know what YOU think.

Also, if you have ten minutes and some brain cells to kill, watch Khaled's short film about the song HERE. You don't even need to tell us what you think of that, because we already know.

Watch DJ Khaled "No New Friends" Feat. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne Video