DJ Khaled's 'Suffering From Success' is dropping next week and the tracks have been coming a plenty recently. The past couple of days saw the release of 'I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie' (which angered Mase), 'I'm Still' and 'You Don't Want These Problems' -- which even you may have a credit on.

Next up is 'Hell's Kitchen,' in which DJ Khaled uncharacteristically only has only two features with J. Cole and New York rapper Bas handling mic duties.

This is probably the smoothest track not featuring Future to appear on 'Suffering From Success.' J. Cole switches between boasts and singing on the hook, while on his verse, he swings from chest beating to vulnerability. "Fightin' depression I'm trying my n---- / But everytime I think about it I'm cryin' my n---- / Cried myself to sleep on $1,000 sheets." The struggle has never been realer.

Bas comes in with a decent verse, showing once again just why J. Cole had him as a feature on two of his 'Yours Truly' mixtapes. The New York rapper angrily glares at his peers and raps, "When folks I known for years, that couldn't pronounce my name." Hopefully he isn't talking about his stage name, because come on, you can't really screw up one syllable.

'Suffering From Success' hits stores Oct. 22.

 Listen to DJ Khaled's 'Hell's Kitchen' Featuring J. Cole & Bas