DJ Critical Hype had the internet buzzing with his fantastic Kendrick Lamar/Dr. Dre mashup project The Damn Chronic, and now he’s ready to up the ante with his next musical pastiches.

In an interview with Genius, the Vancouver producer revealed that he working on two mashup projects -- one blending Drake’s rhymes with 9th Wonder's eclectic beats and the other mixing Andre 3000’s vocals with Kaytranada’s soulful productions. Hype didn’t give a timetable on when these projects will hit the internet.

People have been waiting patiently for Three Stacks to drop his solo album, which will probably come out in Neveruary. But this is exciting news for fans who appreciated Hype’s The Damn Chronic project, which meshes K.Dot’s lyrics with Dr. Dre’s iconic beats.

So far, the project has garnered over three million streams on AudioMack and received props from fans and critics alike on the internet.

Hype said that it took him four months to meticulously blend Lamar's vocals to Dr. Dre productions. But in the end, it was a labor of love.

“I really enjoyed splicing elements of the original Dr. Dre songs and productions with Kendrick vocals in a way that seemed relevant or themes that went together,” he told Genius.

Hype also added that he's a huge fan of Lamar's work. “I think he’s lyrical. I think he’s an amazing storyteller," he said. "I think he’s got emotion in his lyrics. He’s just incredible to me."

Listen to DJ Critical Hype's The Damn. Chronic Mashup Project

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