In the wake of his upcoming album 'Last Train to Paris,' Diddy has decided on a new marketing strategy to build excitement before the intended release date. The mogul recently appeared on Tim Westwood TV, where he explained that he and his team were willing to tone down their star power and perform as opening acts for whatever artists would have them.

"Me and my crew, we're putting together a whole new team and we coming to smash and spread a lot of love," Diddy told Westwood. "And we wanna do shows and we wanna go on right before anybody who wants to open up for them. Whoever wants us to open up for them, we just wanna open up and we'll take shorts on the money, we'll make you a better performer .. I'm just coming to do what I do, I'm not putting anybody under pressure, I'm just here to raise and elevate the level of the game."

To emphasize just how serious he was, Diddy gave a shout out to specific U.K. artists, letting them know that they could request his services also. "Hey U.K., you know I'm coming there. Any U.K. artists want me to open up for y'all or whatever, put your boy on," he said. "I'm gonna do some collaborations out there with some cats you know, just look out for that 'Last Train to Paris' coming at the end of June" Maybe Combs is trying to take a cue from Jay-Z, who has had an uncanny amount of success across the pond in the past two years?

Diddy's 'Last Train to Paris' has seen several delays in recent months. The album, which will be the mogul's fifth studio project, was originally intended for release in 2009. It is now slated for a spring release. Check out Diddy's full interview with Westwood after the jump.

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