Forbes has revealed their list of Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists and not surprisingly, Diddy and Jay-Z are holding down the top two positions respectively.

Jay-Z has made an appearance on Forbes' lists for four years in a row, with earnings of $63 million last year, in addition to the No. 1 spot for Top Earning Celebrity Couples, with wife Beyonce. Diddy, also a consistent contender on the list, claimed the No.1 spot with $475 million, Jay-Z at No.2 with $450 million, Dr. Dre with $125 million, 50 Cent at No. 4 with $100 million and Cash Money CEO Birdman tying at No. 5 with $100 million.

Diddy's colossal earnings are attributed to his stakes in Bad Boy Worldwide Records, Sean John Clothing, and his joint business deal with Ciroc vodka, while Jay-Z's success is attributed to endeavors in fashion and food in addition to personal musical success, and his Roc Nation label.

Forbes says they picked the list by "valuing current holdings, looking at past earnings, leafing through financial documents and talking to a bevy of analysts, attorneys, managers and other industry players to find the nitty-gritty details." Only performers were eligible for the list, which was kept at a 5-person minimum due to the lack of financial information on rappers earning less than $100 million. Forbes also released an updated list of the world's billionaires.

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