Puff Daddy is making noise again with the latest video for “Auction” featuring Lil Kim, King Los and Styles P.

Diddy is definitely having fun with "the family" in the Hype Williams-directed black-and-white video. The Bad Boy CEO does his signature dance moves as his fellow rhymers take turns to spit their verse.

And it feels like we're in 1997 all over again. The track, which comes off of his MMM mixtape that dropped last November. The crew performed the track last year at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

However, the good times may not last. Los Angeles Police Department detective Greg Kading released a statement about Voletta Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G.'s mom. In it, he claims that he thinks Ms. B.I.G. "knows" that Suge Knight and Diddy had "had some responsibility" in her son's murder.

“I sat down with her and explained to her what we had discovered in the police investigation,” said Kading. “We sat there and it was a very emotional encounter, because she was, I think, understanding clearly what had happened, and I think she was starting to see that other people were responsible than who she had previously believed based on the Russell Poole nonsense.”

“I think she knows that all of these guys…Puffy and Suge, all had some responsibility in the murder of her son," he continued later on.

But so far that hasn't stopped Diddy -- and we're willing to bet that it can't stop, won't stop either. Check out some lyrics to the song below and see the video above.


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