Musician Dice Raw, a longtime collaborator and friend of The Roots, is recovering from injuries sustained during a car accident last Wednesday (Jan 5). The Philadelphia native was driving through his hometown when a woman ran a red light while making a U-turn on the north side of the city, subsequently colliding with his Jaguar XK Convertible.

"It happened so fast," he told "I was turning and this silly b---- decided she couldn't wait two seconds and swerved around someone that was stopped and blew through the red light. My car got totaled, my face got all cut up, my ankle and knee are f---ed and I still can't walk."

Although his car was ruined, Raw only suffered minor injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital forcing him to miss an in-person interview in New York City for Shade 45 with his pals Black Thought, Truck, and STS. But the ordeal has provided Raw with a new outlook on those with disabilities. "It made me realize I got good people around me though," he explained. "My parents dropped everything and came through and I want to shout out my man D and my partner Tom who came and chilled with me in the hospital while they stitched my s--- up. Since I'm laid up now for almost a week, I've been thinking about all the handicap people who are less fortunate then everybody that walks around and does whatever they want whenever they want. I'm definitely going to be figuring out how to get more involved and give my time to handicap organizations to raise awareness."

Raw hooked up with The Roots while still in high school, and has since gone on to collaborate on over a dozen tracks with the band. He has also recorded the entrance theme for World Wide Wrestling star Kung Fu Naki, and released '100,' his first new track in over a decade. He is also said to be working on a solo project called 'The Greatest Rapper Never.'

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