Desiigner seems to enjoy playing up the ongoing controversy surrounding him and Atlanta rap star Future. From the moment Desiigner's "Panda" hit airwaves, fans noticed how much he sounds like the more-established superstar, and he decided to make a joke out of it during a recent show.

While performing at Premier Nightclub in Atlantic City, Future's deejay played "I Got the Keys," Future's track on DJ Khaled's Major Key. Desiigner rapped along to the song--amplifying the similarities between their two voices and styles.

You might recall Desiigner also performed a track called "Pluto" months ago the SXSW Festival. Future's debut album was also named Pluto.

It's good that Desiigner is choosing to laugh off the criticism, but it could blow back up in his face if he doesn't secure more post-"Panda" chart success. The last thing you wanna do as someone who's already being derided as a one-hit wonder is make your lack of originality more obvious. Especially considering the guy you're accused of biting is still very much riding high and is currently on the cover of Rolling Stone.

You could wind up becoming a footnote. A trivia question.

During his RS cover interview, Future requested that Desiigner not be mentioned.

Check out the clip of Desiigner performing "I Got the Keys" in the clip above this article.