When Desiigner released his haunting song “Timmy Turner” last week, many fans were left scratching their heads. Who is Timmy Turner and why does he wish for a burner?

In an interview with All Def Digital, the Brooklyn rhymer decoded some of the lyrics behind the Mike Dean-produced banger. In a surprising revelation, Desiigner says the song is about himself.

"Timmy Turner is me," he said. "I was referring to myself when I was saying I ‘was wishing for a burner.’ And when I said ‘she f---in' for BET,' I was referring to a girl that, you know, would do anything for the fame."

"Then I would say in the song that I know that my soul's in the furnace; because if I know that I wish for the burner, and she knows that she would do anything for the fame, you know you go to hell," he continued. "It's a storyline about little bit about my struggle and the pain I was feeling at the moment."

Desiigner goes to talk about the initial reaction to his XXL Freshman freestyle where he performed an a cappella version of "Timmy Turner." The performance garnered various reactions on social media, including several hilarious memes.

"The reaction was crazy," he said. "It was exactly how I wanted to hit them. I wanted to make sure I give this to all my fans."

Watch Desiigner decipher "Timmy Turner" above and listen to the song below.

Listen to Desiigner's Song "Timmy Turner"

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