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Oakland, Calif. native Del the Funky Homosapien is all about delivering substantial records to his loyal supporters, even if it means dipping into his back catalog to showcase tracks fans have yet to hear. The 38-year-old rapper has created a set of 10 songs for 'Golden Era,' his newest effort that features work dating back to the days creating 2009's 'Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)' album.

"This CD is a compilation of my work starting around the time 'Funk Man' took development," Del tells the BoomBox. "It's a timeline of my experiment that started with 'Golden Era' that was concerning capturing the aesthetic style of that period but using the new technology to interpret it in a way that could keep listeners today interested."

Del's concept was simple when devising this album: take the classic sounds of hip-hop from the genre's golden era and add a modern twist to it.

"I did these records in this way for the fans, I feel that they want some core hip-hop but also something updated a bit as well," he reveals. "So this was the seeds to the coming growth. I'll have more records released that will be expanded from these concepts and refined of course, but this is the lead-in so to speak. I myself am very much a fan of the golden era and I have a vision of how it should have continued to develop and this is part of that foundation."

To hear Del the Funky Homosapien's 'Golden Era' in full, check out AOL's Listening Party here.

After engaging the senses in the full album, hear songs like 'Calculate' -- a distinct '80s vibe, replete with some boom-bap -- a bit differently as the West Coast rhymer tapped DJ Sean MF to create a megamix of the entire 'Golden Era' triple CD.

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