Another day, another beef. Waka Flocka Flame’s momanger Debra Antney called out Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss) for skipping out on a previously scheduled meet-and-greet with children.

We don’t know where the story begins or ends, but according to the gossip blogs, an angry Deb Antney called Moss to hear his explanation of why he didn’t show up to the engagement. In the video above, Deb explained that the rapper-actor’s assistant told her that he was feeling ill but somehow she found out that Moss had to get a tetanus shot to go to Canada.

Deb then went on to called Moss a liar because, allegedly, he was at the strip club the night before his scheduled engagement.

Deb then posted another video and basically called Moss a flake for skipping out on an appearance.

Moss response to Deb was, “Who gave you this info though? Social media? Tsk tsk...I’m home with strep throat. You could have easily text me. But it’s still all love tho.”

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