Mississippi emcee David Banner and North Carolina producer 9th Wonder recently teamed up for their first official full-length outing, 'Death of a Popstar,' but the buck doesn't stop there. Though their album is currently slated for a summer release, Banner has a grand scheme already mapped out for the project's future, with plans to take the producer/emcee pairing one step further once 'Popstar' makes its way to the public.

While he hasn't ruled out working with 9th Wonder on a sequel to the album, Banner intends to snowball the project into a movement, extending the "pop star" theme to other emcees and producers who want to be down. "Me and 9th were talking about [how] the next 'Death of a Pop Star' album might not even be David Banner," he told The BoomBox during a phone interview. 'It might be Talib Kweli and Mannie Fresh. It might be Lil Wayne and Madlib, you know what I'm saying? It might be a producer from Japan and Waka Flocka Flame. You don't know who it might end up being. It might be Pete Rock and Gucci Mane. 'Death of a Pop Star' is just going to be a theme of music. It's going to be a synthesis of fans coming together and we striking out the hypocrisy and the classicism inside of hip-hop."

The concept wouldn't be exclusive to any emcee or production team that wants to take part in the project. Banner explains that he and 9th will always have a hand in any album that coincides with the movement, with the intention for other artists to approach them for permission to continue the project's legacy.

'I want to infect hip-hop with the movement and I want to control it," he says. "Like, I want it be something that me and 9th Wonder oversee. Like, it has to be done a certain way."

And while he's got the blueprint laid out for the music side of the movement, Banner also has his eye on expanding the project to the big screen. In addition to the tentative sequels, Banner is currently writing a script for a short film based off the album. Though he remains mum on what the film is actually about, he does provide some insight as to what fans can expect. "It's a sci-fi flick," he explains. "We have to show our dexterity. If we don't, it's going to be over, brah."

Banner is focused on the 'Popstar' project at the moment, but he's also looking forward to reverting back to his solo career. Once 'Popstar' hits stores, Banner intends to head back into the studio to produce another album along the lines of his 2005 single 'Play' or 2008 joint 'Get Like Me.' "I'm never going to stop making that kind of music because that's a part of me," he explains. "It's not the totality of the man, but I like ass and titties, too!"