David Banner is unfortunately more known to the general public for songs like 'Play' or 'Like a Pimp' than for his more sociopolitical raps. But labeling him as a rapper without depth is a real misnomer as he's been delivering thought-provoking content for years, dating back to his days as a member of the pioneering Mississippi hip-hop duo Crooked Lettaz.

His 9th Wonder collaboration album, 'Death of a Pop Star,' or even his contribution to this year's BET Hip-Hop Awards cyphers showcases his propensity to dig deep. Banner's new song, 'Evil Knievil,' might be the most poignant and visceral example yet though.

The track finds Banner attacking the uproarious instrumental with some heartfelt rhymes. His frustration pours out with some scathing critiques.

"They gave us Obama like it was going to stop the fight / Like It was going to stop the cause / Folk still scraping trying to find them some socks and drawers and something to eat / The IRS is coming, so I'm back on these beats / Barack pushed hope, Reagan pushed dope / Clinton pushed something down a young gal's throat / And since we talking about throats, white folks, what do you know about ropes / Yeah, what do know about trees, and men swinging from them that look like me / How do you say that don't effect us, Tuskegee how'd you let them infect us / It's Fear of the black semen, putting sage on the page to eradicate these demons," Banner raps.

This is the David Banner that longtime fans want to hear. It feels like he knows this, and is finally in a position to return to his rap roots.

Listen to David Banner's 'Evil Knievil'

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