Dave East has found himself in some beef with Chicago radio host Kendra G. According to Bossip, the Harlem rapper was supposed to do a meet-and-greet event in Chi-City but didn’t show up. This pissed off Kendra G to the fullest.

In the video above, an upset Kendra G said, “F--- Dave East!” She then went on her Instagram page to inform her fans that Dave knew about the event but allegedly curved her radio station (WGCI) and the fans.

"Artist flake out all the time! It's a normal thing BUT to have our listeners waiting for you and to be a NO show with no explanation? That's very unprofessional. [Dave East] got me swearing, knowing I'm a Christian woman," she wrote in a now since-deleted post.

Even her radio station jumped into the fray and called Dave East a "ol goofy ass."

In response, the Def Jam artist said it was a miscommunication and he wasn't aware of the meet-and-greet event. He promised to hold his own meet-and-greet for the city of Chicago in the near future.

Dave East then went on his Instagram page to apologize again to his fans and throw Kendra G under the bus.

"I wanna apologize to everybody in that room except this chicc [Kendra G]. I was not told by anybody to be there today," he wrote in a now since-deleted IG post. "It's good to know how [Kendra G] feel thou u was just talking about getting pregnant by me if you could. I wouldn't touch you with gloves on."

"Chicago, I love y'all and would never ever curve anything in y'all city," he continued. "[Kendra G], you'll never get an interview, a drop not even a conversation from me ever in this lifetime. That is not professional and I don't move like that."

Kendra G did respond to Dave East. You can read her post below.

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