Following Eddie Murphy’s tribute to his late brother Charlie Murphy, Dave Chappelle paid homage to his dear friend in Ohio on Wednesday (April 12).

It happened during a John Mayer concert. Chappelle, a longtime Ohio resident, made a surprise appearance and talked with the audience. In the video above, the 43-year-old funnyman candidly told the crowd the sad news.

“Today, I got some terrible news,” he said. “My good friend Charlie Murphy passed away this morning and everybody in comedy is heartbroken, so John, you are a sight for sore eyes.”

“John, if you would, there was a night, maybe four months ago, where we were at Hotel Café in LA,” he added. “You were doing a show for 120 people. You went to the piano and you sang this song, and the song you sang that night reminded me of my friend, Charlie Murphy.”

Chappelle then asked the audience one small favor - to put their smartphone away and simply enjoy the moment. The crowd obliged him and listened to Mayer elegantly play on the piano his ballad, “You’re Going to Live Forever in Me."

We can’t see how Chappelle and the audience reacted to the ellagic tribute. Nevertheless, the song is fitting for a great comedian whose comedic genius will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy.

Listen to John Mayer's Song "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me"

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